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Why Choose Exit 15W Agency Over Other Cannabis Insurers?

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For the up-and-coming cannabis business, choosing an insurance agency can be overwhelming. After all, it’s critical to select an agency that knows the ins and outs of the industry in order to help you choose policies that best suit your company’s unique needs. At Exit 15W Agency, we’re confident that we can provide the service you deserve while leading you to insurance products that will benefit your business for years to come. Here’s why.

Time-Tested Expertise

With decades in the cannabis insurance business, we’ve been around the block, building marijuana industry insurance expertise. While many newer agencies may simply see the increasingly common legality of cannabis products as an opportunity to make a buck, Exit 15W Agency has been dedicated to providing everything from marijuana grower and cultivation coverage, medical marijuana dispensary insurance and other cannabis-related insurance products for years.

A Comprehensive Suite of Insurance Products

Our team understands that the marijuana industry is home to a massive selection of businesses, from growers to dispensaries to hydroponic shops. That’s why we happily provide our clients access to an extensive range of insurance products from several providers. These products include general and product liability coverage, workers’ compensation coverage, director and officer coverage and much more.

A Thorough Eligibility Evaluation Process

In order to determine which policies best suit your company’s needs we’ll comprehensively examine any factor that may affect your cannabis business’ eligibility, including financial rating, defense philosophy and more. Additionally, once we’ve determined which products your company requires, we’ll explore every available policy to select an insurance solution that precisely meets your business needs.

Let Us Handle It

Whether you’re seeking crop coverage or medical marijuana dispensary insurance, Exit 15W Agency is equipped to lead you toward insurance solutions that deliver. Call us today at 916-329-8533 to discuss your marijuana insurance needs.