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Comprehensive Marijuana Insurance

cannabis plantBusinesses in the legal marijuana industry — from growers and manufacturers to retail establishments and dispensaries — face the same risks many other companies do. Comprehensive marijuana insurance helps you prepare for those risks and provides a safety net so you can continue operating your business if you experience a disaster or other type of loss. At Exit 15W Agency Inc., we offer protection options that cover your product and business from seedling to storefront.

Types Of Marijuana Insurance Policies

The marijuana industry spans a wide range of fields, including agriculture, manufacturing, food service, e-commerce and even pharmaceutical-style dispensaries. Companies in the field also sometimes require coverage other businesses wouldn’t consider essential, such as coverage for kidnap, ransom or crime.

The type of coverage required for each step in the process varies, which is why Exit 15W Agency Inc. provides marijuana insurance policies including:

  • Liability coverage for general incidents, premises or product issues
  • Coverage of losses due to crime or natural disaster
  • Auto and inland marine policies to provide coverage for the transportation of products
  • Crop coverage to protect your investment in seeds, growing plants and harvested crops
  • Workers’ compensation to help cover your employees should an injury occur
  • Umbrella policies for overall peace of mind

What Types Of Policies Do You Need?

Not every company in the cannabis niche needs every type of policy offered at Exit 15W Agency Inc. Our agents work with you to understand the full nature of your business so we can help you decide what type of marijuana insurance is right for you. Factors we consider might include how much business you do, what types of processes you engage in and how many employees you have. Our agents also review applicable policies and details about your business to help you understand which types of coverage you’re eligible for.

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