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Cannabis Licensing requires insurance.
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Sacramento Insurance For Landlords Of Cannabis Shops

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If you own property where a cannabis shop is set up, it’s important to have adequate protection from catastrophic events like fire and accidental damage like theft. Insurance for landlords of cannabis shops can protect your property from any type of risk to ensure nothing negatively impacts your business. At Exit 15W Agency Inc., we offer a variety of insurance plans to suit your budget and your needs.

Liability Insurance For Landlords Of Cannabis Shops

General liability protects your business from damages and injuries. Also referred to as commercial general liability (CGL) in the state of California and Sacramento, this insurance safeguards against claims from property damage, personal injury, associated medical costs and other unforeseen challenges that arise from daily operations. We can help you go over the minimum liability amounts required by the state of California to ensure your property is compliant. We understand that most standard insurance companies won’t provide coverage to landlords who own buildings leased to cannabis shops, and we help match you up with a company that works for you with an all-inclusive marijuana landlord insurance plan.

Property Protection

Insurance is generally required for any company that interacts face-to-face with clients. Most landlords and companies seek a business owners policy (BOP) in the state of California. This is a combination policy that covers general liability and business property insurance. This type of coverage is ideal if your renter uses your furniture and equipment to run their business. We go over the different types of available coverages and tailor the insurance to meet your needs and save you money.

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If you need a fast and free quote on insurance for landlords of cannabis shops and you live in the Sacramento area, contact the Exit 15W Agency Inc. at 973-845-6004 about available plans. You can speak to one of our licensed agents to go over your current needs. You can also go over the additional available types of insurance online and reach us through our contact page.