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Cannabis Cultivation and Marijuana Growers Insurance

Based in Sacramento, California, Exit 15W Agency has amassed decades of expertise in the cannabis insurance industry, helping to secure a position as time-tested industry pioneers. If you’re exploring the idea of becoming a marijuana grower, you’ll be pleased to discover that securing insurance for cannabis cultivation/growers is actually quite simple – especially with the expert guidance offered by Exit 15W Agency.

How Does It Work?

Carefully designed to serve the needs of legal marijuana suppliers in legalized states, insurance for cannabis cultivation/growers is intended to protect your cannabis crop. Grower insurance is available through Exit 15W Agency for plants in three stages:

  • Living Plant Materials
  • Harvested Plant Materials
  • Finished Stock

In order to secure a cannabis cultivation policy, however, your business must first pass a number of requirements. Three key requirements include:

  • Electrical architecture inspection by a licensed electrical contractor
  • Adequate security system, including burglar alarm that reports to an outside station
  • TL-15 or ½-ton safe bolted to the floor with motion detectors in the safe room location (only required for businesses seeking finished stock coverage)

What Does Cultivation Insurance Cover?

If you choose to purchase grower’s insurance from Exit 15W Agency, your business will enjoy coverage against an extensive list of potential hazards, including lightning, fire, hail, smoke and similar types of damage. Additionally, you’ll be covered against vandalism, theft and even explosions. Uncertain whether the solutions we offer address your business’ marijuana cultivation insurance needs? Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll attempt to customize an insurance product that measures up.

To discuss your unique insurance needs, whether you’re a grower in Sacramento, California or another state where cannabis cultivation is legal, call us today at 973-845-6004973-845-6004 or submit your information through the form below.