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Insurance for Marijuana Special Events

California TrafficPlanning to attend a cannabis convention or event this year? Make sure your product and your business are protected from legal and safety issues by purchasing cannabis expo insurance from Exit 15W Agency.

It’s important to have insurance at these events because products often go missing and the law typically gets involved. Plus, because these events aren’t usually held at your own place of business, any general or property coverage you have will not hold up. If you’re an exhibitor, schedule a consultation with Exit 15W Agency to get the right protection you need.

At Exit 15W Agency, our marijuana expo insurance covers the following:

  • Event Relocation
  • Event Cancellation
  • Product and Medicine
  • Equipment

Event Relocation Coverage

If you’re a seasoned exhibitor, you know how much a venue change can set you back. While driving a little farther down the street may not make a difference, hauling product for a dozen extra miles or more and making new travel arrangements can cost quite a bit. Event relocation coverage will help cover any increased travel expenses as a result of the location switch.

Event Cancellation Coverage

When an expo or convention is approaching, you probably put forth a lot of time and money into making plans. When the event gets cancelled, it can be very frustrating. Event cancellation coverage can help reimburse travel costs, broken plans, cancellation fees and even time lost to planning in some cases.

Product and Medicine Coverage

If your marijuana goes missing at an event, are you prepared to handle the expense and potential legal trouble that you could get into? Whether product was stolen or simply misplaced, we’ll help take care of the losses. Plus, if your product is stolen and resold, actively carrying product and medicine coverage can help protect you from being held responsible.

Equipment Coverage

Depending on your display setup, you probably take signage, presentation equipment and display accessories to outfit your booth. You may also have smoking tools and vaporizing tools with you, too. If these items get damaged or stolen during the event, insurance coverage can offer some peace of mind.

Explore the Coverage Options

Want to learn more about marijuana expo insurance? Contact the experts at Exit 15W Agency in Sacramento, CA today.