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Insurance for Dispensaries in Sacramento

Medical Marijuana PrescriptionIs your dispensary prepared to weather the cost of a fire or theft? Without legal marijuana dispensary insurance, it’s going to be difficult to recover. Unless your financials and your inventory can easily bounce back after a misfortune of that magnitude – and most businesses can’t – let Exit 15W Agency help protect your assets.

Based in Sacramento, Exit 15W Agency has been helping dispensaries all across California keep their businesses protected and secure. Give us a call at 973-845-6004 to schedule a consultation, or check out our available insurance plans below.

  • General liability
  • Product liability
  • Property
  • Medicine
  • Business Income/Extra Expense

General Liability

Most Sacramento landlords require general liability coverage, and, as medical marijuana laws and regulations continue to change, it’s likely to become a requirement for state licenses. Our general liability coverage protects up to $5 million in damages and injuries, lifting a huge burden off your shoulders if tragedy should strike.

Sacramento Property Protection

For legal medical marijuana dispensaries, our insurance plan will help restore your business’s inventory, furniture, fixtures and equipment. Plus, it can also cover any tenant improvements that need to be made.

Medicine Coverage

Your cannabis supply can easily become compromised in a fire, by a burglary or in transit. Even if something happens on the way from the cultivation facility to your dispensary in the Sacramento area, we can cover those costs with medicine coverage.

Business Income/Extra Expense Insurance

Say there’s a fire at your dispensary and you have to close shop while repairs are made. If the damage is irreparable, you may even have to pick up and move to a new location. But during that period of time, you’re missing out on valuable sales. With business income/extra expense insurance coverage, you won’t have to bear the full weight of the aftermath.

Product Liability

Lawsuits are an unfortunate reality when it comes to marijuana dispensaries. Exit 15W Agency can provide coverage for edible marijuana, vaporizing tools, smoking devises and dispensaries and more.

But wait, doesn’t cannabis insurance, like Cannasure, cover that? Yes, but product liability insurance will cover the cost to defend the lawsuit and the potential indemnity payment.

Insurance for Dispensaries in Sacramento, CA and Beyond

When the unthinkable happens, get back on your feet with help from marijuana dispensary insurance. With decades of experience, your assets are in good hands with Exit 15W Agency. Contact us now for more information.