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Cannabis Licensing requires insurance.
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Cannabis Products Insurance

Marijuana FieldIf you live in New Jersey and you’re a marijuana grower or a cannabis-infused product manufacturer, you need cannabis products insurance — and it’s waiting for you at Exit 15W Agency Inc. We can insure your facility, your employees and your products, and we can protect you against loss from natural causes. We’re always ready to help you, so give us a call to see how we can help provide you with protection and peace of mind.

Insurance For Marijuana Growers

You can’t afford to leave your business uninsured, but it can be difficult to find insurers willing to cover marijuana growers. At Exit 15W Agency, we offer multiple options to help you cover your crop from seed to harvested plant to ready-to-sell inventory. Protect yourself against natural damage from hail, lightning, smoke, explosions and fire. Cover yourself as well against theft or vandalism, as well as leaks from fire sprinklers or air conditioning systems.

Cannabis Products Insurance

We offer a wide range of insurance policies to cover your crop, with affordable premiums based on your historical production and sales data. A first dollar defense plan of insurance protects you against a poor yield due to natural causes, with other policies available to protect against a regional drop in prices that could put your growing facility in jeopardy.

Insurance For Cannabis Products Manufacturers

Cannabis-infused products are becoming increasingly popular — yet few insurance companies are prepared to cover these non-FDA-approved therapies. At Exit 15W Agency Inc., we provide the coverage you need to avoid the business risks that can occur if something goes wrong during manufacturing. We cover edibles of all sorts, whether you’re a bakery, a carbonated beverage bottler or a manufacturer of oils, extracts, capsules or tinctures. We’ll help you find the right solution that fits your needs exactly.

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At Exit 15W Agency Inc., we insure you, so you can focus on growing your cannabis business rather than worrying about possible damage or threats. Your cannabis business and license require you to have insurance, so take care of your protection by giving us a call at 973-845-6004973-845-6004. As pioneers in the cannabis insurance business, we’ll meet your needs quickly and professionally.