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Insurance for Cannabis Manufacturers in Sacramento, CA

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Cannabis-infused products are becoming more mainstream, but competition is also growing, and there are unique risks specific to the industry. Insurance is a challenge for manufacturers of cannabis-infused products as standard policies don’t provide the necessary coverage, putting these businesses in a tough situation. Exit 15W Agency Inc. provides robust insurance policies for cannabis manufacturers in Sacramento, CA.

What Is Cannabis Manufacturer Insurance?

You can get an insurance policy formulated to cover your marijuana-infused production. Exit 15W Agency focuses on marijuana-infused edibles insurance, so you receive protection against all eventualities. Our insurance providers have AM ratings of A or better and give you a unique solution for your business.

Businesses we work with include:

  • Infused carbonated beverage bottlers
  • Medicated edible bakeries
  • Oils manufacturers
  • Cannabis extract capsules

Types of Coverage Available

Our product liability insurance ensures that you and your marijuana-infused products are fully protected. We strive to give you the peace of mind that your niche business is adequately covered against all claims. Contact us to discuss the terms and conditions required for your policy to remain valid and to file a claim.

How to Qualify for Cannabis Manufacturer’s Insurance in Sacramento, CA

To qualify for this insurance, your facilities must be in good working order and must comply with local standards. In addition, you must have the relevant permits, including a conditional use permit and a business operating permit as required. Ask your Exit 15W Agency representative to break down these requirements for your business.

Once you understand the conditions, you can tell us more about what needs to be included in your coverage, so we can match you up with the best policy.

Getting Started

If you manufacture cannabis products in the Sacramento, CA area, contact Exit 15W Agency to set up an appointment or to provide a quote.

Exit Agency 15W provides insurance for cannabis manufacturers and growers in Sacramento. Visit our website or call us at 916-329-8533 today for more information.